The Provision That Sets Forth The Basic Agreement Between The Insurer And The Insured

Physical Damage car – auto insurance (including collision, vandalism, fire and theft), which is insured against property damage suffered by the insured`s vehicle. The commercial definition is the set of policies relating to motor vehicles used in conjunction with businesses, business entities, activities, jobs or activities that are carried out in a cost-effective or profitable manner. Group pensions – deferred variable – a pension contract that provides a fund based on accumulation, in which the accumulation varies depending on the performance of the underlying asset portfolio chosen by the policyholder. Include at least one option for the accumulation to vary depending on the performance of the underlying asset portfolio selected by the policyholder and may include at least one option to vary the series of payments based on the performance of the underlying asset portfolio chosen by the policyholder. This pension contract provides for the introduction of payments at a given future date. (a) with the exception of what is stated here, no reversion annuity contract is delivered or issued for delivery in that state, unless it essentially contains each of the following provisions: death, while the insured is established outside the continental United States and Canada; or Credit Personal Property Insurance – insurance related to a credit transaction that is not a motor vehicle, mobile home or real estate and covers the risks for property purchased or used as collateral for a credit transaction that relates to all or part of a creditor`s interest in purchased property or collateral; or covers the risk of products purchased as part of an open transaction. Large medical policies that provide fully insured allowances, HMO, PPO or service coverage costs for hospital, medical and surgical expenses. Excluded are health insurance, the federal staff health care program and non-complete coverage, for example.B. only basic hospital, medical compensation, hospitalization, surgical, outpatient compensation, specified illness, intensive care and coverage of organ and tissue transplants. 3.

A provision that the insurance agent is the agent of the person subject to insurance or makes the acts or insurances of that agent mandatory for the insured person. Private Passenger Auto (PPA) – Registrations that include, individually or in combined coverage, the following: Auto Liability, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Medical Payments (MP), Uninsured/Undersured (UM/UIM); Reported causes of loss, magnitude and collision. Pro-rata reinsurance (proportionally) – part of losses and premium reinsurance shares with the entity that leaves. b) This section does not apply to the provision, payment, allocation or sharing of annual dividends or periodic “savings” in the context of periodic participating forms of insurance or insurance contracts. Nuclear liability – Coverage of civil liability for personal and material damage caused by nuclear material (including radioactive) on the site of the insured company or in transit.

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