Swingline Facility Credit Agreement

(h) other Links that are not related to borrowing or obtaining advances or credits that do not significantly affect the value of their assets or significantly affect their use in the business; (ii) to subject a beneficiary to taxes (other than (A) compensated, B) to taxes described in clauses (b) by (d) the definition of excluded taxes and (C) on credits, borrowed funds, letters of credit, bonds or other liabilities, or deposits, reserves, other liabilities or imperceptible capital; or any lender acknowledges that it has conducted, independently and without any confidence in the administrative officer or any other lender, on the basis of the documents and information it deems appropriate, its own review of credit quality and its decision to enter into that agreement. Each lender also recognizes that it will make its own decisions independently and without trusting the administrative officer or any other lender, based on the documents and information it deems appropriate from time to time, whether or not to act within the framework of that agreement, as part of an agreement or document submitted to it. LC facility, or, in any event, a shorter period on which the relevant LC issuer and administrator address in a given case, specifying the name and address of the recipient, the proposed date of issuance (or amendment) (which must be a business day), the expiry date of that LC facility; the amount of this LC facility, the documents that the beneficiary must submit in the event of a subscription, the full text of a certificate that the recipient must present in the event of a subscription, the purpose and nature of the LC facility requested, the nature of the proposed amendment (in the event of a change) and the other information necessary to prepare this LC facility or, as LC-E may request. Upon receipt of this notification, (i) the appropriate LC exhibitor will confirm with the administrator (by phone or in writing) that the administrator has received a copy of such an LC installation request from the borrower and, if not, the LC issuer will provide a copy to the administrator and (ii) the administrator will immediately inform each lender of the content of this facility and the amount of that contribution to Lender. The issuance or modification of an LC facility by the relevant issuer, in addition to the terms of Article IV (which the competent issuer is not required to determine compliance with), are subject to the terms: which reasonably corresponds to the current LC transmitter and that a responsible official has executed and provided the applicable agreement and/or other instruments and agreements relating to that LC facility, as reasonably requested by the applicable LC issuer or the management officer (a “request).

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