No Goods Receipt Possible For Scheduling Agreement

Group MM: I apparently have a problem with the action of a GR for a delivery plan (SA), but no order. I have a valid open SA with classifications generated by MRP from source list settings. “Planning agreements with time-independent conditions are not supported” Hello, this is the BASIS forum. Please post this in the SAP-LOG-MM forum. Greetings> > De: “miguelalonso via sap-basis” > Date: 2008/06/17 Di PM 10:15:24 GMT>T: D. Caddick > Topic: [sap base] Treat a receipt of goods for equipment with delivery contract> > > > > Hello All, > > I try to use a MIGO_GR a document that is under appointment contract, but I always get a warning that says: “Document #of SA can not choose items”, all advice that I lack…. I created the SA, then the source> > > > —————————————-e-mail list sent by with McAfee (R) software and scanned for spam in the purchases component of the SAP R/3 system, in the EKBE (purchase history) table you will find data on the movement of goods and in the EKET (Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines) table to distribute the data. I have done everything you have said, but I still have the problem. The timetable agreement does not have a confirmation of control. The delivery time is 1 day and the classification is set for one day after the day of the classification. But the system always sends the same error messages. SA does not have a releasy strategy.

I`ll do the forcast and change to green color, but still the same error messages. To improve performance, this DataSource does not contain any information about delivery plans. This also applies to return items, service items and limited items. Another thing is that it is only possible to charge for freight in hardware with a slippery average price, or can we do it with a standard price and a standard or custom solution? Dear KM Davu, we have the same problem and it worked when I changed the delivery date to the GR date as you suggested. When you have something like that, you always go to my house and change the delivery dates? Or do we have a solution for this?-0DDan the bill is only verified on the PO/qty price if no receipt is provided Is this possible? Even if I had the name, USB port, the port from here would be enough. 5. Continue with the receipt of goods and receipt of the invoice for the newly created order. A movement of goods is reserved with the following information: Anyway, after the development of a delivery plan, you must first manage the delivery plan in the ME38 transaction. If the problem persists, you may need to check the validity (valid until) of the delivery plan. Dear Pasumarthi, you need to create the ranking to create the GR for the delivery plan. Thank you and cordial greetings,Sanjeev In order to improve performance, this DataSource contains no information about delivery plans. This also applies to return items, service items and limited items.

Proof Entry Number (BELNR) – 50000000001 Amount of a reserved goods movement in relation to a classification.

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