Ltsa Agreements

In today`s environment, a long-term approach to lifecycle management and facility maintenance is often lacking. Fortum eNext`s long-term service contracts are specifically designed for the maintenance of turbine generators throughout the life of the facility. Fortum eNext has many LTSA agreements underway in the Nordic countries. Learn more about our selected customers and learn how a long-term partnership saves you time and money. LTSAs typically require the first OEM to provide maintenance services on a relatively “fixed” basis for the equipment they manufacture (. B, for example, gas turbines, steam turbines, etc.). From a commercial perspective, LTSAs can offer owners many benefits, including the predictability of relatively fixed long-term maintenance costs and contractually or incenti guaranteed OEM assistance. However, these very complex agreements can often include pitfalls for the careless owner of the device – pitfalls that can lead an owner to take excessive risks or lead to costly and tedious litigation with the OEM. Our service agreements improve your operating time. They offer: Simply stated, an LTSA is a multi-year contract with volume, price and conditions. The range of an LTSA can range from an agreement on the price list in which the asset owner chooses the timing and scope of a pre-defined price list to a comprehensive agreement in which the LTSA operator unravels to determine the timing and scope of the validity. Agreements have many names and differ in the nomenclature by supplier. Typically, the most common names are long-term maintenance contracts (LTMA), major maintenance program (MMP), Master Service Agreement (MSA) or partial agreements, while an agreement controlled by the LTSA provider retains the name LTSA.

This document will focus on vendor-controlled agreements or LTSA. We offer maintenance contracts based on conditions to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our qualified staff are at your disposal. For more than 20 years, we have been interviewing many gas turbine operators on their LTSAs around the world. In doing so, we helped them get exactly the right long-term service contracts for their needs. Sulzer is a customer-oriented company with a large technical know-how. Our maintenance contracts ensure that you reach the maximum life and maximum value of your installation.

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