Jlu Erasmus Learning Agreement

Please refer to this distribution in your learning agreement. Please apply via www.uni-giessen.de/internationales/erasmus/st (open until 15th of April 2018). On page 3, you must register the “responsible person of the sending institution” – usually the EU representative – and, if you know, the person in charge of the institution listed. The person in charge of JLU Giessen is responsible for your recognition and must confirm by signing your choice of course. Transcript of Records (The ToR serves as an overview at the host university of your pre-study studies and exams in Giessen). You need this form to apply to the host university as an alternative to a FlexNow extract, if any in English. The number of ECTS in table A and table B must be the same! In addition, Justus Liebig University in Giessen has partnerships with 20 universities abroad. Free places for an exchange semester are also open to candidates from the Institute of Applied Sciences of the Theatre. Those interested in an Erasmus place awarded by the Institute can register with Bernhard Siebert until 15 December of each year. Bernhard.Siebert@theater.uni-giessen.de language certificate, arrival certificate/department must be submitted to Justus Liebig University, Foreign University Office, Erasmus, Goethestr. 58, D-35390 Gieen. Contact e-mail, either by mail (same copy) or by email (PDF format only). If you would like to use Table C of the Learning Agreement “after mobility” form for your list of benefits, for example because your host university does not create its own form, please indicate at the beginning of the document the actual period of your mobility abroad – this period must correspond to the period indicated on the Certificate of Departure.

Table C must be signed by the host university and submitted in the AAA. The Learning Agreement is your study contract and therefore an essential part of your mobility. It guarantees you the recognition of services provided abroad in accordance with the Lisbon Convention. The recognition form, which replaces Table D of the Learning Agreement, allows you to recognize your benefits at the JLU. The basis is your Transcript of Records as well as the Learning Agreement before and, if necessary, during mobility. Table B: courses at the JLU for which you receive recognition of services provided abroad. These courses do not need to be recognized 1:1, it is possible to recognize the “mobility window” within a choice area, for example. B 20 or 30 ECTS. The “after mobility” apprenticeship agreement consists of: Mobility Grant Application (online form only for JLU students) Justus Liebig University Giessen invites its partners from International Offices to JLU`s annual International Networking Week. This week is organized and hosted by JLU`s International Office and is embedded in the Erasmus Staff Exchange Programme.

Table A: Choice of courses you will take at the host university 2) The part of the learning agreement “during mobility” – Changes to the original Learning Agreement In order to extend your stay abroad, Please proceed as follows: If, after arriving at the host university, you wish to make changes to your Learning Agreement, you must, if possible, complete and have the “Changes to Learning Agreement” section completed and validated up to one month after arrival (insert table A2 and, if applicable, table B2, if this implies changes in recognition).

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