Endorsement Agreement Nova Scotia

8.2. Canada views Nova Scotia`s approval as evidence that Nova Scotia has found that hiring a foreign pilot for Nova Scotia would be of economic benefit. Nevertheless, Canada has the authority to make the final selection decision. Using the directory, you recognize that the organizations listed are independent companies that are solely responsible for the performance and quality of their work. Efficiency Nova Scotia does not provide explicit or tacit insurance, guarantee or recommendation on the organizations listed or the products and services offered. To be clear, Efficiency Nova Scotia is not responsible for the products offered by the organizations listed in the directory. 7.18. Nova Scotia holds at least six (6) years from the date of approval, written or electronic recordings of all pilot designations and references. Nova Scotia will share these recordings with Canada upon request. 6.8. All complete applications received by the Department and exceeding the province`s annual endowment are not processed and referred to the potential applicant.

Nova Scotia is committed to monitoring the number of mentions and not making more recommendations than is reasonably likely to complete the Nova Scotia pilot assignment. Nova Scotia immigration has already seen 225 companies expressing and interested in the program, with this recent agreement to see another 50 signed. 7.12. Nova Scotia is responsible for verifying that all documents supporting the designation and approval procedures are authentic. As part of this process, when evaluating all documents required for designation and approval applications, Nova Scotia will perform due diligence to confirm that the information supports the employer`s stated intention to assist the settlement and that the job offer is genuine. 1.2. In the event of a dispute or disagreement under this agreement, the appointed representatives will endeavour to resolve the issue through information exchange, communication and informal discussions. In the event that the designated representatives are unable to resolve the dispute quickly, it is referred to the co-chairs of the Agreement Management Committee (CMA), who are accompanied by relevant facts and measures to find a solution.

These procedures will provide equal opportunities for representation to each party, set clear timelines and clarify the implementation of final decisions.

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