Container Terminal Services Agreement

Unless the agreement is amended, amended and amended, all the conditions, provisions, agreements and conditions set out in the agreement remain fully applicable. The provisions and provisions of these provisions are binding and binding on the contracting parties, their heirs, their representatives, successors and beneficiaries of the transfer, for the benefit of the contracting parties. This change can be made by fax or email/PDF by the contracting parties, which is an initial agreement. This terminal services agreement (this agreement) takes effect on December 14, 2016 (“Date of Effect”) between Enviva Port of Wilmington, LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware (“owner”), and Enviva, LP, a delaware Limited Partnership (“customer”), sometimes referred separately as “party” and collectively “party.” In light of the reciprocal commitments contained in this agreement, the parties agree on the following conditions for the provision of biomass-related marine terminal services (as defined below). . This second amendment to the June 15, 2016 terminal service agreement (the “Second Amendment”) will be made by and between Joliet Bulk, Barge and Rail LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“operator”), and ExxonMobil Oil Corporation, a New York company (“customer”). The operator and the customer are sometimes referred to as “party” and, collectively, “parties.” 2020/21 Port Terminal Services Agreement for Standard Port Terminal ServicesKnowing 5 Terms and Conditions 6 1 Terms and Interpretation 6 1.1 Defined Terms 6 1.2 Interpretation 10 2 Duration and Application of Agreement 11 2.1 Start, Duration and Application 11 2.2 Continuation of Port Terminal Services 11 3 Limited Application Confirmation 12 4 Port Terminal Services 12 4.1 Port Terminal Services 12 4.2 Port Terminal Services 12 4.2 Availability 12 2 4.3 Capacity Management 12 4 4 Port Loading Protocols 12 5 Wheat Receival Services 13 5.1 Application of Clause 13 5.2 Bulk Wheat Adoption 13 5.3 Bulk Adoption Wheat by third parties on behalf of the customer 13 5.4 Customer becomes owner 13 5.5 With 13 5.6 Content 13 5.7 Impurities 14 5.8 No capacity 14 2 5.9 Cell Reservation 14 5.10 Required Services 14 6 Wheat Storage Services 14 6.1 Application of Clause 14 6.2 Common Shares 14 6.3 Title 14 6.4 Customer interest 15 6.5 Property 15 6.6 Right to relocate a capacity allocation contract for services with the specific terms and conditions of the transaction.

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