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T4, e-revo, 2x e-maxx, BL Baja, HPI Super 5sc flux! The Maxx is a tough little truck and has great electrics (odd for a Traxxas I know ) its unique and in a class of its own and when you have a hard core Arrma fan bashing one and stating how good it is you surely have to sit up and think. I look forward to making more great reviews for you. Thank you, that would be helpful. Well, look no further! Thus, both sides have a balance of advantages between the two brands, even with their uniqueness and specifications. Comes in kit form with no lid or footwear? T4, e-revo, 2x e-maxx, BL Baja, HPI Super 5sc flux! With a wide variety of models and being the pioneer producer of ready-to-run RC vehicles (a perfect option for beginners), Traxxas unarguably produces some of the best RC vehicles on the market. Sign-up for free and join our friendly community to chat and shareall things R/C! Both vehicles provide ample opportunities for customization, so you can create a unique RC experience tailored to your preferences. However if I upgrade the radio gear they fall into similar price brackets. Traxxas will actually ban you for even vaguely suggesting their products aren't faultless. I think i've read that somewhere. The Arrma Kraton 8s comes with comprehensive documentation and online support, helping you keep your vehicle in top condition. Shipping on orders of $99 or more*.  See complete details >. Here are some things to know about the Losi brand: While weve already noted that Traxxas is the better choice for bashing, Losi beats Traxxas when it comes to racing. How Fast Does The Power Wheels Dune Racer Go? With a Velineon 3500kV Brushless Motor, waterproof Electronic Speed Control, and the Traxxas EZ-Start, one-button setup, the Rustler VXL provides newcomers with speed and power that won't get out of control. Will compare properly tomorrow when back in the mancave! Kits are updated each year to fix issues and given version numbers to keep track. I don't think the 4s outcast is in the same league as the 6s models or the Maxx. Mine is now pretty sorted but I still find the steering lacking. Clear editor. I think this forum must be one of the most loyal anti Traxxas forums around at times , At least it keeps the forum alive as its becoming pretty dead round here lately. m4inbrain, April 4 They produce most of the best entry-level cars, and theyre easy to use as well which is incredibly helpful for those just getting into the hobby. Which Arrma model is the Traxxas Maxx competitor? But back on track, If you want the Arrma, Get the the 6S, It's a tried and tested generic Truggy chassis, I would pay the extra 90 quid for the 6S over the 4S, But not the extra 110 quid for the Maxx over the 6S, When we start paying 560 for a 4S capable 1/10 electric truck and say it's OK, We loose the right to moan about price increases. Display as a link instead, It doesn't provide additional channels for control and the information it provides is hardly useful in making your car backflip or whatever it is you do with them. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. My pal has broke his outcast twice and its the two times he has used it since he bought it two weeks back. as the pede 4x4 suffered from being to top heavy for the wheelbase. Pasted as rich text. Arrma greatly resembles Traxxas . The chassis is extremely similar since they finally went to metal chassis and even have hole in the middle under the spur gear. I haven't owned a Maxx and people know my views on Traxxas, but right from the box I'd say the Outcast will handle better but the Maxx will be stronger. Even the spoiler looks nearly identical. Way more than it takes to do lasting damage to a Kraton (of any size). I could only show that off in 2 weeks, since i do want the arms in blue (to go with me rock n roll lid/blue shocks). By Traxxas XRT 8S: More agility, excellent acceleration, and jumping ability. So, in the event you haven't seen yet, traxxas just released a direct competitor to the K6s, the sledge. At 560 you're basically more expensive than most RTR bashers out there regardless of scale with few exceptions (5th scale vehicles - hell, it's basically almost the same price as the Mojave). Triangular structured center brace system.Oil-filled adjustable shocks with massive 20mm bore. ARRMA 27T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear, ARA311047, ARRMA RC Truck 1/5 KRATON 4X4 8S BLX Brushless Speed Monster Truck RTR (Ready-to-Run), Orange, ARA110002T2, ARRMA 1/5 Rear Wing: KRATON 4X4 8S BLX, ARA480022, ARRMA AR320366 Wheelie Bar Set Outcast: ARAC9493,Black, ARRMA 1/5 Painted Body, Black: KRATON 4X4 8S EXB, ARA409008, ARRMA 1/5 Painted Body, Orange: KRATON 4X4 8S BLX, ARA409007, 8 Best RC Hauler Bags To Transport Your Gear In Style 2023. You'd have to break the Arrma and repair it again a fair few times before you're even close to the cost of a Maxx. What a great problem to have, wish u could just buy both but I'm pretty sure my children would be inheriting the due to my untimely demise . Yes, quite. oldXray man, Thursday at 18:01 If you compare this to the Losi brand, you will find that while Losi actually has some good innovations, they seem to be more interested in the quality of their car parts while focusing less on R&D. That's from people with Xmaxxs jumping off massive jumps to TRX4 owners, and I see them by the half dozen every weekend at the local crawler track. However, it is essential to properly maintain and clean the trucks after use in wet or muddy conditions to avoid damage and prolong their lifespan. Cookie Notice Funny enough, some people defended that but then immediately jumped on the bandwagon bashing the 8s Kraton for doing exactly the same, figures. Arrma generally produces bigger, faster and more powerful cars that may be better in the hands of an experienced driver than a newbie. You cannot paste images directly. I was making this same decision just after Christmas, I went kraton 4s based on watching videos I preferred the handling of the kraton, far to much turning over on the traxxass . I happened to come across a thread on the Arrma forum a few days ago while I was Googling the new line of Corallytrucks, And I couldn't help but swear to myself, There were actually some on there saying that the Corally's were Arrma clones, Are they having a laugh. Your previous content has been restored. As you assess durability and build quality, consider the Arrma Kraton 8s robust construction, which includes a 7075 T6 aluminum chassis, reinforced composite arms, and heavy-duty drivetrain components. The Kraton 8s provides LED light kits, wheelie bars, and alternative body shells, while the Xmaxx also offers LED lights, body options, and additional wheel and tire sets. Lower maintenance and upgrade costs. Kraton also has a shorter charging downtime period as compared to Traxxas. You cannot paste images directly. are among the top RC brands, providing the most exciting experience and mind-boggling performance on both off-road and smooth terrain racing. I have been looking at both 4S and 6S (although, heard the 6S is pretty mental on 6S batteries even stock), I prefer the 6S on engineering, it's 110 Euros more, so, still very confused as to which to go for. RenJutley, March 30 No doubt the Arrma forums aren't too different. Continue with Recommended Cookies. . I always run my buggies on 4S and often my truggies on 4S. Only if you have a love of Arrma and dont dare to question anyone let alone comment on the need for there lust for upgrades. If money isn't a concern, i'd argue the Maxx is the better 4s truck. Stable handling. The TSM is useful if you like that but it's no different to AVC or a home built gyro. Your previous content has been restored. So is thicker shock oil, and potentially a new battery brace (my Rapid 4s packs wouldn't fit, but mileage may vary - i'm only missing around 0.5mm clearance, barely doesn't clear the pack). I've literally seen one person use it once. Losi just offers more durability. Offering ready-to-run (RTR) kits did a fantastic job at bringing new people to the RC hobby. Which is more durable? We Think So! (except the Xmaxx). I didn't spend big all in one go, I addressed problems as they arose. Then to see live data, you have to buy the optional phone mount for 20 because the remote doesn't have a display. They run absolutely fine on 4S. The Kraton 6s v4 broke parts more easily than the Maxx in the youtube videos I've been watching, it looks like, but most of those issues seem to be fixed with the v5. Traxxas seems to be more committed to having technological advancement for its RC cars. in For RC Sales, By Traxxas has tsm and telemetry options like no other RC, You can get telemetry and tsm equivalents on any RC really (aftermarket) . I'd like to see anyone make a traxxas link setup out of after market parts that one was half as good or two cheaper lmao. "Maybe" it'snot them and you should take a look at yourself a little harder. in Introductions & Welcomes, HB D2 Evo, HB D418, HPI Firestorm 10T, HPI MT-2, HPI Trophy Truggy 4.6, HN scrt10 / TT Phoenix ST / TT eb4 s2 pro / Absima ab3.4 / Slash 4x4 clone/ Bandit 2410, BSR Berzerker X 2,Losi Muggy,Sworkz s350,Thunder Tiger S3,KM X2. Any downsides the the Kraton 6s or the Maxx I should know about? Another issue i've just remembered - you can't just change the servo. It is my duty to you to provide you with my honest and unbiased opinion about the products that appear on this channel to help you make informed decisions. However, the Kraton 8S has its advantages. I am drawn to the Kraton 6s V5 redesign. 1/10 rally vs 1/10 Tamiya brat. For this reason, Losi cars offer more value for the price. Each vehicle has a unique set of accessories, so you can customize your RC car to fit your style. Traxxas is excellent for bashing, is more beginner friendly and has great customer support. XRT has a higher pre-sale price than Karton. 600 is ludicrous for any 10th scale. Clear editor. The Kraton 8s operates on two 4s LiPo batteries, providing you with a runtime of approximately 30-40 minutes, depending on your driving style. I don't know what it is about the Maxx, it always looks like a bit of a let down in terms of people comparing to the Xmaxx, which ISN'T a fair comparison, but it is done nonetheless. Why buy a 6s truck and run it at 4s if thats the case you can a 4s Arrma Traxxas etc and run that on 3s And there be fine then. I've also never seen any of the Arrma 4s range in person, so really hard for me to judge. It's unfortunate that men in their 40s can't have an objective conversation about toy cars, but here we are. Here are some things to know about the Arrma brand: Arrma and Traxxas have produced very similar cars. I know a ton of people with Traxxas cars and none of them use Traxxas link in any way, shape or form. DRAWING THE LINE There is barely any line to be drawn here between TRAXXAS and ARRMA because a brand choice depends on your prevailing need and desire. Any specific weak parts? Personally I'd have a Maxx anyday but each to their own. I currently have a losi lst 3xl-e and I've loved it for the most part, but parts are becoming hard to get because they discontinued it. Not owned a Tekno, Arrma 4S or Traxxas Maxx, but surely the Tekno wins hands down? Man oh man same old same old a Traxxas thread comes up and it all goes to pot. Yeah they work for the most part, but metal would work better in that spot, and they're a known weak spot if you get the V1 widemaxx kit (the V2 is literally the same but includes extended outer drive shafts). However, it looks like all the youtubers are still praising the Maxx durability above all others. Traxxas Maxx 4s vs Arrma Outcast 4s - Skate Park Challange HardcoreRC 16K subscribers Subscribe 19K views 2 years ago #rccars #arrma #rc We tried did the X-Maxx vs Outcast 8s, now. Traxxas offers quite a few. Looking for a boat Traxxas has them. Need a drone? if you want to compare apples to apples look at the arrma 6s and traxxas Revo. Never thought when getting into this I would see fanboyism arguments. As follows. Making something back flip is just about thickening the centre diff and not too much else. It has a more efficient drivetrain and a longer battery life than the X-Maxx, making it better suited for longer runs. If your gonna spend 500 quid, get 500 quids worth of car. This article aims to provide a comprehensive comparison, helping you make an informed choice. I apologize that the end is rushed and dark. The Traxxas Xmaxx offers the advantage of the well-established Traxxas support network, which includes a dedicated customer service team, extensive online resources, and readily available replacement parts. A good RC car doesnt have to cost a fortune. When you say perfectly fine, what do you mean by that? Arrma Kraton 4S vs. Traxxas Maxx comparison review! Arrma's EXtreme Bash models are best suited for the experienced RC'r who understands radio control. They've got their faults just like any other truck, but people are finding ways around those because that's what we do. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. And by no means is it "the toughest truck out there", it's not even a tough truck full stop. A lot of their cars come with electronic stability systems just like those found on modern cars, and theres no doubt this technology is very effective. I know the arrma 4s v2 trucks aren't actually out yet, but does anyone know how the diffs are set up? Someone does. Is it the Notorious or Kraton 6s or is it something all together different? Affiliate Links to buy items used in this video(using these links to buy doesn't cost you any more money, but does show support for the channel):ARRMA Kraton 4S Clip-50 Camera Mount 4s 5000Mah 50C to subscribe CCxRC Shirts and Merch I Buy RCs Online FAVORITE CARS OF 2019Favorite RC under $300 of 2019 RC on my channel in 2019 Micro Cars of 2019 Onroad Car of 2019 with CCxRC----------------------------------Facebook RC Gear-------------------------------------Venom Pro Duo Charger: Pro Quad Charger: Bags: Wrench Set Ti-Nitride Allen Hex: Pro LiPo Checker Multi Tool: YouTube QuickLinks----------------------------------------------Most Recent CCxRC Video Popular CCxRC Videos YouTube Account Management----------------------------------------------------------Tube Buddy product shown in this video may have been sent to me for review. Its strong chassis and reinforced parts make it an excellent choice for users looking for a vehicle that can withstand extreme bashing and jumps. But the footage that I've seen really changed my mind about it. If you are looking for speed, power, and looks, Arrma is a great option. Any objective views on this are appreciated. Drawing these two great contenders to a battle of superiority is, however, a feat that will leave you in awe of them and increase your admiration. If your gonna spend 500 quid, get 500 quids worth of car. Copyright 2023by The RC Valleys! They would typically either be willing to give you clear instructions on how to fix it, sell you the exact parts you need, or even offer to fix it for you for a fee. However, the Kraton 8S has its advantages. Choosing which one is the best depends on your specific needs and preferences. Each year, these kits became more prominent, faster, and more extreme. It's also worth noting that current Arrma ready-to-run vehicles are including Spectrum Smart Technology which functions similar to some of the Traxxas systems, with the main idea being safe and easy LiPo charging. Yes Id expect a 1/8th 6s rig to be better than a 1/10th that makes perfect sense even though its not a fair comparison the only comparison really is price but again thats where your big boy pants get worn ! Arrma vehicles are typically bigger and faster so they are better suited for more advanced users. The downside of Losis is that theyre harder to find. One thing I did notice, the 4S is almost 1:8 scale size, it's the added rollcage and metal parts in the 6S I like, I don't want to lose an amount of performance running on 4S that I'll regret it though. We only recommend products we back! If you could pls take a shot from above with full lock that would also be useful. Getting a truck to flip is not just about thickening the diff oil although it is one of the factors yes, Plastic yep flexes alloy bends both can become brittle and break but being plastic isnt a bad thing just look at the X Maxx and the abuse that plastic takes before it breaks, Trouble is folks are hung up on price of the Maxx but from what I see it looks like a solid little basher and if you want quality it costs I think its proved itself to be worthy of the price tag but Im guessing your one of those that dont. You certainly can't bend it, and while i've seen videos of people snap an X-Maxx in half (KT), it takes a lotto do so (the Maxx chassis is almost a copy, just smaller/lighter). Thanks mate. At low speed it does turn on a dime. Robin UrenJanuary 22, 2020 in General - Electric. I want to be able to do rolling backflips on pavement the same way I do with my losi without worrying one bit about diff issues. For more information, please see our By the time I got back out after fixing the Maxx, it was dark. You probably already know that brushless motors offer more performance, more speed, and they also last longer. Well, I just bought a kraton 6s, I love it, happy with my purchase so far, seems like a well built car. I'd have to put 2x 3s into the Kraton (although I already have a like new 3s 5000mah 50c from my slash ultimate, I'd just buy a second one and I have the batteries for the kraton 6s). Decent sized. However, my ERBE spent most of its time running a geared up 2200 on 4S, this hobbled the torque and so failures weren't every run. With a wide range of high-performing vehicles on the RC market, Arrma gives you the opportunity to sharpen your RC skills and take on new challenges while still having fun with RC racing. Well, i do own the normal Kraton and the Maxx, if that's of any help. You can learn more about us and our story here. So whats wrong with the electrics Ive yet to see one smoke on the Traxxas Maxx and the Arrma 4s range seem fine as well if your going all throttle curve techno info then the 6s Arrma dont have that option either. Build quality is similar, although fit and finish are slightly nicer on the Maxx, but for $100 more it had better be. As i said, i'll take a video tomorrow. Would it have still snapped had I stopped? How To Tune A Nitro RC Car: The Ultimate Guide. Ultimately, the choice between the Arrma Kraton 8s and the Traxxas X-Maxx will depend on individual preferences and requirements. It's like apple vs samsung or xbox vs playstation lol, X maxx v1 diffs yep had that issue what 2-3 years ago and since theyve been addressed, like a few other bits as well and Im sure other brands make improvements as well over time. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Paste as plain text instead, I can take a brief video tomorrow running a few circles if you want - but, i do think that the widemaxx kit decreases steering angle. Yes, both the Arrma Kraton 8S and Traxxas X-Maxx are designed with waterproof electronics, allowing them to run in wet conditions. You can also use the same LiPo charger, as long as its capable of charging 8S batteries. Kpowell911, Sunday at 09:50 That said: usually money is a concern, and while i've spent it, i don't think it's worth 600 out of the box. This is fine to me, but might not be to others. in On-Road & Drifting, By RC cars unfortunately does have fanboys, Traxxas being the absolute worst with Arrma slowly following with their growing popularity. They are well talked about and reviewed cars for a reason . For those who enjoy getting air, the Kraton 8s and Xmaxx both deliver exceptional jumping capabilities. The Kraton 8S is also more affordable than the X-Maxx, which may be an important consideration for some buyers. It is. Welcoming . Obviously it is a different budget, but that aside is it a "better" 4S rig?. Traxxas has tsm and telemetry options like no other RC, also so easy to work on. The Maxx out of the box feels just "right". Everything is smooth, everything is quiet, everything feels refined. Founded in 1988, the Losi brand seems to be a very good competition for the Traxxas brand. Privacy Policy. Making something back flip is just about thickening the centre diff and not too much else. In fact I say get a kyosho mad crusher, epic car. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Traxxas primarily makes beginner-friendly RC's with a narrow focus on creating extreme RC's. Losi DBXL-E 2.0 Fox Edition - Professional Package Available - 4 batteries, Charger, Bluetooth module and more. Likewise, I don't see myself running 6S right now either. Chief Editor @The RC Valleys (or, in plain English, I'm the guy responsible for ensuring that every blog post we publish is helpful for our readers. jackie kennedy peapack house,

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