Word Meaning To Break An Agreement

Imagine that my teenage son always sleeps until noon on weekends. Then he tells me he`s planning to wake up at 6 a.m. to play sports. I could say, “Are you going to wake up so early? Gimme a break! “to say, “I don`t believe it!” We also have the phrase Breaking News, which means the latest news that will be published very soon after the incident. When something breaks your mind, it`s different – it means it destroys your self-confidence and well-being. Suppose some parents always say negative things to their child like “you`re so stupid,” it would break the child`s mind. When we talk about nature, we have different expressions with the word break. We can also say that a sea wave breaks when it reaches its highest point and begins to collapse. And then there`s an expression to pause for them, which means that all of a sudden, run very fast. If I find a big spider in my bathroom, I take a break for the door! Or when I let go of my daughter`s hand at the supermarket, she pauses for candy – which means she walks there. We also have the phrase make a clean break that emphasizes that the separation is complete, so you can start fresh. Maybe you`ve had bad experiences in your city, and you`re moving to a new place so you can make a clean break with your past, completely separate from that, without continuing to be involved in anything from your past. After all, a very common expression is to give someone a break.

Actually, it has different meanings. One is to be more flexible/understanding and less strict/demanding or to give someone another chance. If a student could not do a task because he or she had computer problems, the teacher could give him a break and allow him to turn it too late. The teacher is flexible with the rules and allows an exception or another chance. We also use the break to say “stop for a short time” – for example, in the middle of a full-day meeting, the boss might say, “Pause for lunch” – stop the meeting for lunch. When we say the break of the day, dawn or dawn, we speak of the beginning of the day, when the sun rises for the first time. Hi, students! It`s day 3 of our mini-course all about words with several meanings, and our word today is BREAK. Get ready to learn many different ways to use this word in English. A. Accord B. Injury C.

Reconciliation D. Broken We use the phrasing epidemic when a bad skin problem suddenly occurs – your face could trigger a rash (red skin, irritated) or pimples (small bumps of clogged pores). It is also common to talk about struggles or violence when they suddenly appear. Break can also be used to signify running or escaping. To free himself from something is to escape him, to free himself from it. For example, after many years of consultation, my uncle finally came out of his gambling addiction. If you exceed the speed limit, you are breaking the law We can also talk about a prison break, which means that prisoners escape from prison. Breach has been in service for 1000 years.

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