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Its return and refund policy is easy to find and noticeable by its sales page and a FAQ. Thus, the return and repayment policy is presented in the agreement on conditions: the joint programme is a continuation of the agreement reached last year between the three parties to facilitate the voluntary repatriation of Afghan refugees to Iran. The usage agreement and all policies published on our website are the whole agreement between you and eBay and replace all previous agreements and agreements of the parties. Sellers must submit a valid payment method on eBay at all times. You allow eBay to automatically charge for your chosen payment method under this Utilization Agreement and the corresponding billing agreements that you agree to when you set up or change your payment method, for future fees and fees related to the Services. These include its data, which is due for eBay fees, refunds of money and door tags. eBay will inform you of these fees. If, for any reason, payments or amounts due to eBay cannot be paid by the following means of payment, you must nevertheless pay eBay for all unpaid amounts and eBay reserves the right to claim the refund by other means, plus any additional charges incurred by eBay when requesting a refund. You can change your payment method in My eBay at any time.

Some Apple products use wireless services that can result in additional costs and are subject to the terms of a separate agreement between you and your selected mobile operator. You can find more information from your mobile operator. While the terms and conditions of sale are a traditional legal agreement, the return and refund policy is often presented in a simple language or on a FAQ site. The RZ sales type should be used for returns in a delivery plan with delivery plans. If you entered a shipment for a delivery plan and the debtor returned the goods before booking the goods, reduce the cumulative delivery amount of the amount returned. In this case, enter a correction for the delivery plan. For more information, see Correction Management in delivery plans. On Monday, the governments of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan signed a joint agreement with UNHCR on the voluntary repatriation of Afghan refugees. The Afghan delegation was led by Mohammad Naeem Ghiaci, Deputy Minister of Return and Return Affairs, while the Iranian government was represented by Mr. Ahmad Hosseini, advisor to the Iranian Minister of the Interior and Director General of the Office of Foreign And Immigrant Affairs.

Philippe Lavanchy, UNHCR`s representative in Tehran, signed on behalf of the High Commissioner. You will find general information about working with returns when executing orders under complaints. TEHRAN, Iran, June 17 (UNHCR) – This week is an important week for refugees in Iran: Friday, they celebrate World Refugee Day, a particularly important date in a country that hosts about two million refugees. Earlier this week, UNHCR signed an agreement that will allow hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees in Iran to return home. Avoid stating that you never make refunds, that you only allow returns, that you allow sales “as you see,” or that you only return store sales instead of cash. To be this restriction is contrary to UK law. These conditions apply to the purchase of shopify hardware products. By ordering POS equipment, you accept and accept the terms of this agreement. This user agreement cannot be amended otherwise unless you and an eBay representative authorized to do so have agreed to it.

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