About Us

We are:

Cassandra Grey of Lochleven

The Mad Seamstress What Seams at Midnight.  Cassandra is one of the ringleaders.

Thyra Eriksdottir

Dances with Wools.  Thyra lends us some air of propriety.

Constance de Saint Denis

Portable Bad Place.  Constance comes up with the crazy.

Marieta Charay

Jac Mouse – Enabler, Cartoonist.  Marieta quietly works and works and works.

Gwenlliana Vachan

Experiment 626.  Gwenlliana is the queen of all embroidery.

Darerca Ni Dhonndubhain

The Handwork Fairy. Darerca is the quickest needle ever.

Anastasia da Monte

The Needle Ninja. Anastasia is the quickest needle ever.

Yigraine of Kellswood

Platonic Ideal.   Yigraine is the quickest needle ever.

Aikaterine FitzWilliam

Rube Goldberg Dutchess.  Aikaterine is the heraldry and applique specialist.

Cat Hughes

Basement Elf

She who makes the ties that bind

Asa Failinn

Adult Supervision required.


Gefilte stitch


apathetic something or other


Chiara di Marzo da Venezia

-needs a name-


Our Badge:

White underpants on a purple and gold field

WC Badge